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North sea link UXO investigation Blyth

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

North sea link UXO investigation Blyth

Apex Diving & Marine was tasked by Next Geosolutions to mobile to Blyth and investigate sub sea targets on the inshore cable route for the North sea link .The client also needed a vessel as they were let down near to the commencement of the project .

Apex suggested the HM Denham which they have used on numerous projects and was an ideal partner for the work. The vessel was mobilised in Blyth with survey kit and dive spread and proceeded to locate and identify the anomalies pick up on a previous survey .

The diver fitted with a USBL searched each area using an underwater metal detector until the item was located , the diver then used an air lift to uncover the item for identification .

On board the vessel along side the dive team was an EOD supervisor and diver on standby is case any of the object once uncovered show any signs of being possible ordnance . Once the item was identified as safe the divers and vessel removed the item from the cable route . The team had 100% success rate on locating and identifying the targets .

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