Apex diving & Marine is an inshore civil commercial diving and specialist boat charter company, with expertise in the following services: 

Ship Survey & Maintenance
Marine Inspection
  • Underwater Inspection including NDT 

  • Ships Survey, Maintenance and Emergency call outs

  • EOD Investigation

  • Installation of military underwater systems 

  • Vessel Salvage

  • Trials Support

  • AUV Deployment and Recovery 

  • Harbour Walls Survey and Maintenance 

  • Cable Laying and Protection 

  • Marine Construction and Civil Engineering 

  • Demolition

  • Underwater Searches / Recoveries 

  • Film Support and Safety



We have the latest modern diving equipment all maintained and certified to IMCA D018 standard.

The company maintain a strict health & safety program and have a perfect safety record. 

All divers are qualified experienced HSE Commercial divers with all the required first aid and medical certificates.

As Standard when we dive the diver will have a Video camera on the dive helmet transmitting live footage back to the dive supervisor . We have the latest video system that can WIFI transmit the video feed to the client on site. This is also recorded and stored and copies can be supplied to the client. 

Vessel Salvage



Although where possible our default method of diving is surface supplied, we understand there is still a need for SCUBA  in the diving industry. We are one of only a few that can offer this service.

Our dive team are highly experienced and capable in the use of the equipment. SCUBA can be used for inspection, film and scientific trial work if risk assesses as a safe solution when surfaced supplied is not possible.


All our SCUBA work is carried out in accordance with the HSE Inshore ACOP.

We also have the rare capability to use rebreathers which have been invaluable for on film projects and trial/demonstration on military diver detection sonar equipment. 



Apex Diving and Marine is experienced in working on vessels to save the expensive and sometimes not possible drydocking.

We are available for emergency 24hr call outs to inspect for damage, or to clear fouled thrusters and propulsion units.

We have experience in specialist jobs on vessels such as sonar gondola removal, stop drilling, hull cleaning  ( see case studies ).

We are also available to provide diving support for ships surveys using the latest live video equipment.



Apex Diving and Marine have completed numerous inspection contracts on harbour walls, concrete mattresses, intake pipes, outfalls and general seabed surveys.

We can either work with a surveyor /engineer or compile our own inspection reports and recommendations.

All inspections are carried out with a live recorded video and still cameras. Our latest video system has wifi capability to allow clients to view live data to their own devices.

We can  also carry out thickness testing on metal piles using  NDT equipment (Ultrasonic Thickness gauge )